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PRE-SELL; Beginners Guide to Beautiful

Social Media Videos

Have the 2020 pandemic made you investigate in learning video and digitalization?

Let's take it to the next step shall we?

The course launch 15th of February 2021!

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Origional $547

Learn How To Do EPIC Storytelling Videos for Social Media That Converts!

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Building authority and building a tribe comes down to how good you are at storytelling and the value you give to the viewer.

Great storytelling and visually filmmaking takes time to learn, and it's an art to see how all pieces fit together.

I see way too many companies out there who doesn't take the time to learn how to create interesting and beautiful videos to post on social media.

You can learn it, and the result of learning great storytelling with video will lead to building a tribe of true fans who supports your brand and wants to buy from you.

In this program, you will learn the basic of storytelling and videography, learn what to say in front of the camera, how to edit and so much more. All this with the only tool; your mobile phone.

No more excuses, you can start TODAY creating and spread your message someone out there needs to hear what you have to say.

Therese Eriksson


I'm thrilled to make your business shine on social media, we all know that people buy from people and the first impression is highly important and so are your appearance online.

Your customer knows right away when they see professional-looking videos, it builds trust with your audience and your brand stand out in the crowd.

Having your own in-house production is money-effective and taking the time to learn this skill saves you a TON of money and the return of your investment will pay off in no time.

Showing up online and showing my authentic self with beautiful videos, have made me authority and someone to trust when it comes to social media and videos.

People come to me and I don't have to hunt to get clients to work with. And I want you to experience the same running a business should not be a big struggle.

I'm excited to see what stories you will tell in the future!

// Therese

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What's included?

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Become friends with the camera,

be comfortable when you know what to say

How to capture stories with your smart phone

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Editing tutorials in Premiere Rush on phone and computer

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Community to help you create better videos

How to do professional Interviews

Ready to learn how to do beautiful videos for social media? ?

Reserve your spot TODAY when we launch it in February 2021!



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